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In the world of Search Engine marketing, it is important to have a strategy in place before placing your website live. The days of simply designing a website and placing it on the internet, hoping someone will find it is a strategy designed for failure.

Many web designers do not identify the primary keywords you should be optimizing your website for and therefore do not rank well for these terms. Why don't they? Simply put, designers place aesthetics above SEO best practices.

Search Gurus provides a complete website analysis for all existing web sites to help determine the best course of action. When it is not possible to properly identify key components or ideas in the confines of an existing website (such as in a flash website) a new design will be recommended.

Usually much of the text and images can be re purposed, however by putting the website together with an online marketing strategic focus in mind, we are in a better position to optimize your website for your industry, service, products and customers.

To find out what you need to do, ask for your complimentary website analysis which can help identify problem areas or highlight SEO issues with your existing website.

Sometimes only a minor change is required; other times, an website overhaul is necessary.

Call today to speak with a Search Guru and learn what strategy is best suited for your web presence.

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" Spoke with Paul from Search Gurus recently. Hands down the most helpful SEO person I have spoken with yet (I have spoken to a number of SEO people and companies in the past year). We haven't moved forward with his services yet but his preliminary research and work is 2nd to none that I have seen. I look forward to discussing more in detail with him and I will be happy to write another review if we move forward. "

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