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We show you how to leverage your business website and help improve your conversion rate. Why is this important? It's one thing to get a lot of traffic to your site, but if you are not generating leads, then what's the point? Search Gurus works with each customer to understand your business and help identify ways to better convert your visitors into taking action. Using established best practices, Search Gurus can help convert more visitors into leads and build a full online marketing strategy that best suits your business goals.

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SEO Service in Pickering

SEO Service in Pickering

What is SEO? We hear this question a lot from Pickering business owners looking to get more local exposure. The bottom line is, if your website can't be found within the top search engine listings for your target keywords, you need to know why. We help you understand search engine optimization and generate an SEO Strategy customized for your business goals. The easiest way to begin is to initiate a real-time website analysis. This report helps determine what issues are going on with your website that may be hurting your SEO efforts. Don't want to deal with SEO? That's fine too. We take on the responsibility for all web related advertising so you can focus on generating more business. Discover how having a guru in your corner makes all the difference!

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Website Design in Pickering

Website Design in Pickering

Search Gurus takes web design seriously with a 7-phase development process. Yes, many designers build attractive websites, but the main purpose of your website should be conversion. In other words, turning website visitors into paying customers and leads. Mobile Responsive layout design and conversion based optimization best practices are applied to each project. Search Gurus Inc works with many companies in the Pickering area and designs mobile websites for business owners in Pickering.

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For best results, invest in a website redesign by the top Mississauga SEO Agency!

Website Redesign

If you haven't updated your website design in a few years, take this opportunity to make a HUGE update.

By placing emphasis on a mobile friendly framework with SEO best practices applied, you can expect to see a huge improvement with your rankings and essentially double your potential exposure.

Google has declared they are taking a " Mobile First " approach to results and give more emphasis to those websites which have crafted their webpages with this in mind.

Knowing this, we design the way Google is requesting so you can be assured that you are putting your best foot forward towards your online marketing goals.

Many customers who contact Search Gurus have been online for many years and are relatively happy with the performance of their website, however with recent changes with Google and the increased importance of mobile friendly website frameworks, it might be time to discuss an updated strategy and address any new features or functionality that you want for your website. Give us a call to discuss.

Mobile Friendly

We Design for Multiple Devices

Mobile friendly website design is becoming extremely important especially since Google has introduced changes to its primary algorithm in order to place higher emphasis on websites that utilize responsive design and mobile friendly navigation. It is important to continue focusing one highly relevant content and presenting it in a format that is easy to consume by visitors no matter what device it is being viewed with.

Why? It’s important that all your users get the best experience possible when viewing your website, regardless of their device.

Mobile TIPS:

Make your site responsive in its design -- fonts, margins, paddings, buttons and general design of your site should scale dynamically based on screen resolutions and device viewports.

Small images scaled up for desktop or tablet devices give a poor experience. Conversely, super high resolution images take a long time to download on mobile phones and may impact mobile scroll performance.


Just give us a call and we will do our best to answer your questions and provide you with valuable insight into your business visibility online.

You can also simply fill out the form on the contact us page and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


Understanding SEO Isn't Enough!

Simply understanding the terminology and concepts behind SEO is a good start, but you really need to put a lead generating plan into action to stay ahead of your competition. So, if you want to design a winning strategy and execute it well, you need to have a conversation with Search Gurus.

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For best results, invest in a website redesign by the top Mississauga SEO Agency!

Custom Website Design

We work with each of our customers to better understand their business and design the website to compliment your existing marketing material. We frequently work with other 3rd party marketing teams to help each business (big or small) achieve their marketing goals. Over the years, we have noticed many common attributes among the top ranking websites. Most do not use wordpress as their primary website. This is a big deal! We can convert your existing wordpress website into a beautiful and responsive custom website. The benefits of a custom website also include (faster website load times, better visibility in search engines, ability to modify all aspects of the website) and can help your business achieve better results.

Did we mention
"Mobile Friendly"?

It may seem like we are beating everyone over the head about mobile friendly websites, and in a way we are. We are trying to get across how important this actually is. The major search engines are now actively starting to favor mobile friendly content in the search engine result pages. If you are not sure if your website is mobile friendly, give us a call. We can go through your website and run reports to better understand how your site is put together and what you can do to achieve better search engine rankings.

Put your best foot forward

If it's time for your company to refresh your online presence but are afraid of losing what positions you have achieved in the search engines, give Search Gurus a call. We review your existing website and can design around the components which are ranking well, and further improve them.
Professional Mississauga SEO Agency

Yes, we are located in Mississauga Ontario and work closely with local businesses to help them achieve the best online marketing results possible. If your business is in Mississauga and you have been reviewing SEO companies online, be sure to check to see if they are doing it right. Not if they are in the first position (obviously that's where everyone wants to be) but take a look at how they got there. If you see a bunch of fake listings in Google Maps for business locations that do not exist, well, then you should stay away. Additionally, if you take a look at their reviews and see that they are mostly fake (you can usually tell if they copy and paste the same company name as the business listed in the map listing and include extra SEO keywords), or you may see their customers posting multiple 5 star reviews for each of the fake locations, then chances are the company in question is actually posting on their customers behalf in a fraudulent manner. Avoid like the plague. Any business willing to break the rules will eventually get caught and you don't want to be associated with that. We get a lot of calls from businesses who have had similar situations which have had devastating results to their business. If you find that you are in a similar situation, give us a call and let's see if we can get your business back on track.

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